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The Travels Of TRASE TRONIK is the new official album of TRASE featuring production by Jay Gotts, E.daBeatdetonator, Bitter Wilson, CRD Music, Dre Mendoza, Fat Ready, DJ Mastamove and DJ Cold Crush. The new album will be released october 25th 2017. TRASE - The Travels Of TRASE TRONIK tracklist: 1. Travel Guide (An Introduction To The Travels of TRASE TRONIK) 1:07 Produced by Bitter Wilson 2. Epilogue 2:56 Produced by E.daBeatdetonator 3. Wonderland 2:53 Produced by E.daBeatdetonator 4. Robotic Optics 3:31 Produced by E.daBeatdetonator 5. Chemistry 3:24 Produced by Mastamove 6. Basic Training 3:12 Produced by Fat Ready 7. Center Of Attraction 2:40 Produced by Dre Mendoza 8. In Motion 2:28 Produced by Jay Gotts 9. Not Optional 3:34 Produced by E.daBeatdetonator 10. Dusty Circles 3:58 Produced by E.daBeatdetonator 11. Building Bridges 3:06 Produced by CRD Music 12. Not Enough Time 2:48 Produced by Bitter Wilson 13. Quest 3:25 Produced by Bitter Wilson 14. Shoot For The Stars 4:33 Produced by Cold Crush 15. Robotic Optics (Remix) 3:05 Produced by Mastamove Executive produced by TRASE & Cold Crush Project Coordination and A&R by TRASE Beats: Jay Gotts, E.daBeatdetonator, Bitter Wilson, CRD Music, Dre Mendoza, Fat Ready, DJ Mastamove and DJ Cold Crush. Lyrics: TRASE Cuts by Mastamove on "Chemistry"and "Robotic Optics (Remix)" All other cuts done by DJ Cold Crush Recorded and mixed by E.daBeatdetonator and DJ Cold Crush Mastered by DJ Cold Crush Design: TRASE & Mega Bookings:

Raw Content - Back In Prime Form

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"Back In Prime Form" by Raw Content is the debut album of a new Dutch Hip Hop group consisting of E.daBeatdetonator, MC TRASE and DJ Cold Crush. The album contains 14 songs of Raw Hip Hop beats and dope lyrics. The whole digital album will be available here for purchase/download on 10/31/13 released October 31, 2013 Back In Prime Form by Raw Content 1. Prime Interlude 01:10 2. Go With Me 02:24 3. This World 03:15 4. Back In Prime Form 03:24 5. Constant Yearn 03:50 6. Devotion 03:29 7. Brace Yourself 02:39 8. Ritual 03:08 9. Listen 02:55 10. Rugged Box 03:47 11. Crest 03:10 12. Report 03:57 13. T-Dash 03:46 14. Wonder Years 04:17 Produced by E. da Beatdetonator for FRESHMESS/music All tracks arranged by E. da Beatdetonator except "Crest" arranged by DJ Cold Crush. All vocals written/performed by MC TRASE for TRASE the MUSIC. Except "Ritual" written/performed by MC TRASE & Elgee da Enforcer. All songs recorded @ da Rooftop studio 2013 Mixed and mastered by DJ Cold Crush All scratches done by DJ Cold Crush Except for "Constant Yearn" & "Wonder Years" by DJ Foxx Design: TRASE/MEGA Info/contact: