TRASE (Erik de Wal, 1976) is a MC from the north of The Netherlands and brings the real Hip Hop since '91. Went for his in 1997 after breaking up with his former band. TRASE stands for Things Really Ain't So Easy. TRASE in fact is his tagname which he came up with around 1989/1990. Basically formed for the great letters and it's diversity to design with. TRASE originally started as a graffiti artist. After elementary school TRASE discovered his love for the manipulation of the English language. Growing up in the north of The Netherlands, he tried to hit every mic available.

Back in 1995 he started rocking house parties and ciphers alongside his formerly partner in rhyme, Signha and DJ Dear. Together they formed "The Buckwild Tribe", a group which fell apart in the end of 1997. In a period of 4 years they recorded some demo tracks which were never officially released. TRASE took it to the next level when he decided to leave the group and by taking manners in his own hand. It was 1998. TRASE was on mission to pursue his own solo career. He was tired of the no progress type of phases he had been dwelling in during the last years. The match with IMPRO turned out to be promising; they released their first product in 2001. The debut EP “The Encounta” attained favorable reviews. In the period after TRASE has worked on a project with several local artists and started working on another solo release. Originally he was to release a fully length untitled LP, but after completing several tracks it was shelved for reasons that were not entirely clear. In 2003 TRASE took his time to focus on new songs and has spent a lot time recording and performing. The same year he released “The Essentials”, a compilation of several songs recorded between 2001 and 2004. In 2007 another album (“Fase Of Transition”) was released. The past decades he connected, collaborated and performed with artists from Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and The United States. In 2012 several albums were released; One EP followed by two albums. October 2013 saw the release of a new collaborative album with Sneek-based producer E.daBeatdetonator entitled "Back In Prime Form" on the Freshmess Music label. The first single was "Listen". Three years later another single from the album (“Wonder Years”), received an award for Best Hip Hop Song (January 2016) in America. In 2014 TRASE is back to the lab working on new material, because it’s about time for Hip Hop to resurface with true lyrics. The upcoming release is entitled “The Travels of TRASE TRONIK”, which has been recorded between 2014 and 2017. On this seventh studio album TRASE has worked with several national and international producers, which gives the overall outlook of the project a real diverse sound. Heavily nineties Hip Hop experienced like all TRASE albums, TRASE sets the vibe for a 45 minute ride through all kinds of subjects. To promote the album three singles and videos have been released so far. The releasedate is set on 10/25/2017. Digitale preorders are available here:

The album also will be digitally available through all top digital music services like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, TIDAL and many more.


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